11 February 2022

Securing the Digital Transformation

Aquia's Mission Description.

Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes President & Founder, Aquia LinkedIn

It’s undeniable that technology is changing the way we operate as a society; whether it is private sector organizations competing in the digital economy, Federal agencies providing civil services, or warfighters looking to maintain national security and provide humanitarian services.

Organizations are rapidly pursuing digital transformation efforts to execute on policy directives and delivery services to key stakeholders. However, security has largely been left behind, due to a myopic focus on antiquated paper-based approaches of compliance and system authorizations, coupled with a lack of technical security engineering rigor. This leads to security being an afterthought, until crisis strikes.

Aquia is changing that paradigm by bringing technical competencies, a developer-centric mindset, and a preference for finding a “way to yes” versus seeking ways to be a bottleneck to digital transformation efforts.

Secure velocity is the name of the game, whether it is securing speed to market, citizen services, or warfighters when it comes to capabilities and mission enablement.

Organizations in both the Civilian and DoD find themselves at a crossroads. They’re tasked with modernization efforts, whether it is Cloud, Software Modernization, Zero Trust, or any number of other initiatives. Cybersecurity approaches of the past won’t facilitate the desired organizational and industry outcomes.

Focus areas for Aquia include securely delivering platforms and software to those who depend on it, enabling secure velocity at scale and ushering in a new paradigm of technology-enabled compliance innovation in highly regulated industries. Our approaches involve technical excellence, continuous improvement, empowerment over augmentation, and a commitment to delivery.

We’re on a mission to leave organizations, industries, and society more secure than we found it.

We’re securing the digital transformation.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this topic in more detail, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to schedule some time to chat about how Aquia can help you and your organization.


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